You’re building something amazing; let’s craft a framework to bring your story to life for every audience.

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so don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your brand

You can have custom-tailored, creative strategies without the big agency price tag. When you choose to collaborate with Clew Communications, we’ll deconstruct business as usual and have fun doing it.

Reimaging Relationships
- Starting with This One We <3 Boundaries

The client/consultant relationship comes with lots of baggage. We’ll be a good fit if you strive for true partnership over power dynamics. My goal for our time together is not only to coproduce exceptionally fresh brand strategy and actionable plans, but I also want you to enjoy the process and feel empowered as the owner of your story.

More About Me

It’s nice to know who you’re hiring

I bring my authentic self to every meeting and encourage you to do the same. Born and raised in Rhode Island, I’ve made my home in New Mexico since 2018. Along the way, there were stops in New York City and Seattle to hone my craft. It’s lonely being an Italian-American in the high desert: I want to hear about where you come from, which elements of your culture you’ve shed and which you choose to carry forward. As a person who named her business Clew, you may not be surprised to learn that two of my great loves are Golden Age mystery fiction and knitting...

What Sets Clew Apart

Your brand doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Fortunately, I’m endlessly curious and spend my time interrogating the culture (it only looks like scrolling.) Together, we won’t chase trends, we’ll position your brand to lead a movement.

Clew prioritizes working with historically underserved business-owners by:

  • Clearly defining project scopes, benefits, and cost
  • Identifying and honoring your preferred work and communication styles
  • Setting mutual boundaries that prioritize balance and flexibility
  • Collectively reimagining what success looks like for your business
  • Committing to center values, mission, and purpose in the work and in our relationship

Branding and communications is our origin point. I want to hear about your toughest business challenges. With experience facilitating creative workshops for brands like American Express, New York Power Authority, Deloitte, California State Parks, VMware and many others I can help your team generate big ideas on any topic. Really. Any. Topic.


The phrase “First, Only, Different,” abbreviated as F.O.D, was coined by superstar producer and screenwriter Shonda Rimes in her book Year of Yes. “When you are an F.O.D.,” she writes, “you are saddled with that burden of extra responsibility — whether you want it or not.”

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