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Nancy helped me extract the most important information when it came to establishing my brand's identity. She helped me distill my business' mission and vision into a narrative that embodies what I believe in as a business owner and as a consumer. Plus, she did it in a personable and approachable manner that put me at ease throughout the process.

Gina, Flyby Provisions

It has been a dream working with Clew. Nancy has a keen understanding of how to build sound strategies and marketing plans, and makes the process fun all the while. Her ideas are smart and rooted in industry best practices. I highly recommend working with CLEW, especially if you are seeking guidance on how to get started or untangle the complicated world of marketing and communications.

Caitlin, Bold Woman Brands

Working with Nancy has been wonderful. She is very organized and will be there with you every step of the way. Before working with her my brand was almost nonexistent. Now that she has given me direction, I feel like I have something really valuable. If your small business needs help identifying and expressing your brand, you will not regret hiring Nancy.

Jed, Webb Financial Advisors

I thought I knew what my brand was: I spent years building it, after all! But Nancy's gift is helping businesses like mine find clarity and confidence in our voice and vision. She is helping distill the essence of our brand, which in turn is shepherding us into a new growth era. I feel like I know my own brand better now and can communicate that to my customers in a clearer, more fun way.

Lexi, High Five Books

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